Why Eblock Wall Panel Matters In Your Home

WHY EBLOCK WALL PANEL compfortable place Your home might be the best investment of your life, not only financial sense. Spending a significant amount of time, there are a lot of memories of your family and friend. A most comfortable home will bring you a good smooth, directly affect your life quality. So, whatever renovating or building a new house, Eblock wall panel is a smart choice satisfied many benefits. Save time and money Why wait any longer than you have to before [...]


The Australian dollar falling down BUT NOT increase your imported costs

The Australian dollar is currently sitting around the lowest levels in over 17 years (around 59 cents AUD to USD) which has significantly increased the costs of imported goods all around Australia. The dollar began it’s a gradual decline in May 2013 and steadily dropped all the way down to low of $0.6 in March 2020. We won’t go into why the Australian dollar has fallen, but more importantly, we will give you an insight into just how the [...]


Eblock AAC Multi-Residential And Retirement

Eblock delivers outstanding benefits for multi-residential and retirement developments. The speed of construction saves cost and thermal acoustic performance. A range of applications including external cladding, boundary walls, party walls, floors, and fences.