Why Eblock Wall Panel Matters In Your Home

Why Eblock Wall Panel Matters In Your Home


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Your home might be the best investment of your life, not only financial sense. Spending a significant amount of time, there are a lot of memories of your family and friend. A most comfortable home will bring you a good smooth, directly affect your life quality. So, whatever renovating or building a new house, Eblock wall panel is a smart choice satisfied many benefits.

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Save time and money

Why wait any longer than you have to before you can live in your dream home? EBLOCK wall panel can be cut with saws, sanded, shaped, drilled, nailed, sculpted and grooved. This can help to slash construction times and can lead to lower labour costs.

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Create a comfortable home

EBLOCK has greater thermal qualities, making it ideal to keep the interior cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. It helps to save electrical energy during building operations. This is also a reason to help you save your bill at the end of month.

Peace and quiet home

Why you have to suffer noise after a long working day? Do you want a quiet home to regenerate energy after a hard-working day. Thanks to the air bubble structure, EBLOCK has natural sound insulation and superior sound absorption. It can significantly reduce sound transmission between rooms and limit the noise from external sources like traffic and your noisy neighbors.

Eblock wall panel system has sound solution performance. Combining the AAC wall with an insulated asymmetric cavity system gives a wall excellent sound insulation properties.

Feel safe and secure

Bushfires present a significant threat to many Australian homes, so it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible for any potential danger. EBLOCK is non-combustible and scores well for fire resistance of up to 4 hours. It is tested and certified to stringent standard by national accreditation centres in Singapore, Vietnam and Australia.

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