The Australian dollar falling down BUT NOT increase your imported costs

The Australian dollar falling down BUT NOT increase your imported costs

The Australian dollar is currently sitting around the lowest levels in over 17 years (around 59 cents AUD to USD) which has significantly increased the costs of imported goods all around Australia. The dollar began it’s a gradual decline in May 2013 and steadily dropped all the way down to low of $0.6 in March 2020. We won’t go into why the Australian dollar has fallen, but more importantly, we will give you an insight into just how the falling Australian dollar affects the cost of imported goods, especially in building material suppliers.

Financial markets everywhere are plunging drastically in response to the uncertainty of the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. The bad situation of Coronavirus leading to many Chinese factories limit their production, even that they temporarily closed their plant leading to lacking product to supply or customers have to place a big order to keep in stock which adversely affects your cash flow. So, a solution for Australian importers now is a supplier who accepts payments in AUD, of course, the production capacity and product quality are impressive enough.

What do you think about a power panel supplier who agrees for AUD and meets the reputable Codemark Certificate?

For almost 12 years, EBLOCK JSC from Vietnam has built a reputation as being one of the leading building products on the market Southeast Asean leading manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). Our AAC powerpanel 75mm achieved Australia’s prestigious Codemark certification.
We have been building long-term cooperation relationships with customers in the Australian market over the past 7 years. We are ready to support payment in AUD currency, with our commitment to the most competitive price policy in AAC market.
Another plus point of EBLOCK factory in Vietnam is the hot tropical climate all year round, committed to a steady supply. Time process orders reach only 3-7 days, capacity 400,000 cubic meter/ year.
You can put and check material costs for your project as the below stable.

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