EPANEL Double Steel Mesh, T-Shape

EPANEL Double Steel Mesh, T-Shape

  • Compressive strength: 3.5 ∼ 7.5 MPa
  • Connection detail: T-shape (Tongue and Groove)
  • Number of steel mesh: 2
  • Sound insulation coefficient: 36 ∼ 48 Decibel
  • TCVN 7959:2011: AAC3-500
  • Description
  • Thông số kỹ thuật


EBLOCK AAC PANEL (EPANEL) is made from autoclaves aerated concrete material (AAC), consists of extremely strong panels, containing steel reinforcement for added strength with an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability. T-shape (Tongue and Groove) helps the panels fit snugly together to form a smooth and strong system.

EPANEL brings all excellent fire rating properties, thermal resistance performance, and lightweight of AAC BLOCK.


  • Save construction cost due to easy and quick installation comparing to the traditional bricks.
  • Save structural costs thanks to extremely lightweight
  • Safer with high fire resistance, fire resistance up to 4 hours


Value Remark
 LENGTH (mm) 1200 – 4800
 WIDTH (mm) 600 Not include Tongue and Groove
 DÀY (mm) 50 – 200
NUMBER OF STEEL MESH 2 layers ≥ 4mm

T-shape (Tongue and Groove detail)


 Thông số kỹ thuật UNIT Value
Compressive strength MPa 3.5 ∼ 7.5
Dry density  kg/m³ 500 ∼ 830
Thermal conductivity W/m.K 0.11 ∼ 0.18
Fire-resistant hours 4 ∼ 8
 Hệ số cách âm dB 36 ∼ 48