• Particle Size: 0.7 mm
  • Consistency: 180-210 mm
  • Setting time: > 200 phút
  • Correction time: > 10 phút
  • TCVN 9028:2011
  • Description


EBLOCK PLASTERING SKIMCOAT EBS-302 is the ready mix dry cementitious mortar, fine powder form used for plastering on AAC wall EBLOCK. Main components of EBS – 302 mortar include cement, fine sand, and polymer additives.

EBLOCK PLASTERING SKIMCOAT EBS-301is manufactured on an industrial scale according to European standards, adhere to strictly monitoring processes to ensure product quality, and limit the risk of mixing at work.


Plastering skimcoat mortar EBS – 302 is a specialized product line that is compatible with and suitable for lightweight AAC block wall, with high adhesion and low consume quota. With the small particle size, Plastering skimcoat mortar EBS – 302helps the wall surface after plastering high smoothness, saving time and construction costs.

Plastering skimcoat mortar EBS – 302 can apply directly on the autoclaves aerated concrete wall, with thickness layer 1 – 3 mm of each layer, completely replace traditional sand cement mortar. A thin mortar layer helps to save construction costs and meet strict technical requirements, and reduce abrasive when finish.

The product is recommended to use for internal walls and position not direct contact with the external environment.

Packing Method:

Plastering skimcoat mortar EBS – 302 is packed in a moisture-proof paper bag, 25kg per bag to facilitate transportation, storage, and use.

Technical Specification


(TCVN 9028:2011)

Unit Value
Largest Particle Size mm 0.7
Consistency mm 180-210
Water Retention % > 90
Setting time mins > 200
Correction time mins > 10
Chlorine Ion Content % < 0.1
Minimum Compressive Strength (after 28 days) MPa 7.5
Adhesive strength MPa

≥ 0.4


The specifications comply with TCVN 9028: 2011 standards and quality certificates provided by the factory.


Similar to apply normal Matic powder for walls.

Direction to plastering skimcoat is very easy, low quota, and thin plastering layer help to save material cost and construction time.

Usage norm:

Plastering thickness layer (mm) Number of layers recommended Kg/m² wall m² wall/ bag 25kg
2 2 4.4 ∼ 8.7 5.7 ∼ 2.9

Other Notice:

  • Plastering skimcoat mortar requires checking the flat of wall surface and cleaning treatment before plastering carefully.
  • The appropriate humidity of the wall before plastering is from 15-17%. It is necessary to wait for the dry wall if the wall is wet or mist before plastering if the weather is hot and dry.
  • Waiting time between each skimcoat layer construction is 3 and 6 hours depending on weather conditions


Using mortar after mixing about 120 minutes and depends on weather conditions (temperature, wind, humidity ...). Mix again after 30 minutes of non-use.

The recommended shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture is indicated on the package, provided that the product is stored in a dry, cool, and intact packaging. Do not stack more than 10 bags.


The product contains cement and is alkaline, which may cause irritation in contact with the body. Gloves and goggles should be used when applying the product to minimize direct contact with skin.
Refer to labor safety materials at the construction site.


The information contained in this document is based on the results of research, experiments and actual construction at the site over many years.
EBLOCK mortar products when delivered to the site are considered a semi-finished product. We recommend that the mixing and installation at the site comply with the specifications specified on the packaging and construction documentation.