EBLOCK Elastic Mortar EBF-501

EBLOCK Elastic Mortar EBF-501

  • Particle size: 0.1 mm
  • Shore A Hardness: 70
  • Elongation at break: ≈ 20%
  • TCVN 9028:2011
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Used to insert (fill) into the contact joint the AAC wall adjacent to the beam (ceiling), the expansion joints between the AAC wall and other bearing structures (concrete columns, concrete walls), non-bearing structures and other materials (clay brick walls, reinforced concrete bricks …) in order to limit the phenomenon of wall cracking.

Used for both horizontal and vertical expansion joints.

Usage norm:

About 0.34 kg/mm (expansion joints size Width 2cm x Depth 1cm)

Specification technical:


(TCVN 9028:2011)

Unit Value
Largest Particle Size mm 0.1
Volumetric kg/m³ 1700
Color Trắng đục
Working temperature °C 5 – 40°C
Shore A Hardness (28 days) 70
Elongation at break % ≈ 20%
The effect of heat aging on loss % < 2%


Additional information

Weight 16 kg