Super lightweight

EBLOCK with its distinct porous structure is only approximately 1/3 the weight of conventional clay bricks and 1/4 of dense concrete. Due to which dead load on foundation as well as structure are reduced ensureing economic design and this remarkable feature also make it exceptionally easy to transport and install with at job sites.


EBLOCK is non-combustible and scores well for fire resistance of up to 4 hours. It is tested and certified to stringent standard by national accreditation centres in Singapore, Vietnam and Australia.


EBLOCK has greater thermal qualities, making it ideal to keep the interior cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. It helps to save electrical energy during building operations.


Thanks to the air bubble structure, EBLOCK has natural sound insulation and superior sound absorption. Therefore, EBLOCK is suitable for projects that require high soundproof standards such as hotels, offices, schools, hospitals …


Unlike other masonry products, EBLOCK is wire-cut with a tolerance of ± 1-2mm. This precision creates an unrivaled smooth and even wall surface, resulting in
reduced plastering material and man-hours to complete the work


EBLOCK can be cut with saws, sanded, shaped, drilled, nailed, sculpted and grooved. These flexibilities at job sites are very helpful in faster installation and
cost savings.


Despite its light weight, EBLOCK AAC is a highly homogeneous material, with its provenance of concrete, resulting in a solid crystal structure. This material is the highest strength among porous materials and it is more durable against impact than conventional concrete brick (CMU).


EBLOCK is fully green in both manufacturing and application that is eco-friendly or environmentally friendly. EBLOCK is the AAC brand to achieved Green Certificates and ISO14001 accreditation and it is encouraged by Vietnam Green Building Council.